Frequently Asked Questions


What is your experience?

I’ve loved photography all my life. I was the dorky kid who always had a disposable camera in hand. I didn’t realize it as a calling until after I quit a job in the hospitality business. I wanted something I could do from home, where my talent and creativity would be the cornerstone.  Some good friends and family helped me get started and that’s all it took to get the ball rolling. In 9 years, my husband and I have done over 30 weddings together and hundreds of other portraits, group, professional and real estate photos! I manage 100% of the finishing process and order fulfillment myself, as well as creating digital products like albums and greetings. I'm also a full time mom of a crazy and amazing 8 year old!




 This was the photo that made me realize I should be taking pictures!



What sets you apart from the pack?

There are so many amazing photography artists out there. It all comes down to what you value in an investment. Here are some of the things my clients have said to me after getting their photos back: 


"All I can say is WOW!! These turned out better than I ever thought possible!" E.C. 

"You just "get," us."  A.G.

"You somehow managed to capture the beauty and the crazy of my family!" S.F.

"I am in love. Great job. You picked up his personality in some of these!" S.R. 


Here are a few things you may find different from other photogs: 

1.  My clients satisfaction is my top priority. I limit my work to provide the absolute best to my clients. I want to get to know you and establish a lasting relationship.

2.  I'm not the boss. If you hire me, that makes YOU the boss and your photos should reflect that. 

3.  You get ALL your best photos with my packages, you aren't limited to choosing.

4.  You will not pay extraordinary premiums on my services or prints. 


Clark 2011-178Clark 2011-178


What is your styling focus?

Delivering natural, beautiful imagery. I. DON'T. DO. FAKE. Keeping it simple. Having FUN! Telling your unique story. My focus is on YOU. Some folks like more traditional and posed portraiture, and some prefer a completely candid style session. There's no right or wrong!



Are your prices negotiable for someone on a low budget?

My investments for weddings and portraits are set and non-negotiable. It’s my hope that you will find my prices are the BEST in town with more to offer for your investment and great Specials!



Why do I need to pay an advance deposit?

A deposit tells me you’re serious about a commitment and also acts as your sitting fee guaranteeing your date for memory making!




What additional fees should I expect to pay?

None. Anything not listed as included in your package (prints, canvas art, photo gifts) that you might want, are available at an additional cost. 



What will I get with a photography package?

All pre-designed packages include:  Exclusive personal service, unlimited clothing changes, quality finishing and retouching, FAST TURNAROUND! Lifetime password protected, shareable web gallery & sneak preview. ALL your best photos in high resolution for printing and medium resolution, lightly watermarked, for web-sharing. Archive protection comes with every package.  Discs are available at $40 a piece.


What is the difference between editing and enhancing?

Each photo goes thru the process of finishing. I make sure light, color and crop are just right for printing and online sharing. Enhancement is a secondary editing process. Black and white or a "special" version of a photo. I try to keep all enhancing to a subtle minimum, I don't do over processing.  Enhanced images will be copies so you'll always have the original. To the right is a sample of an original and it's black and white and enhanced versions.


Where should I do my photo session? How long does it take?

Location is completely up to you! I will travel anywhere within the full KC Metro* Think about whether you want scenic landscapes or an edgy urban backdrop? I have plenty of suggestions for both, so if you don't have a place in mind, we can come up with something together!

                       Taken at Nelson Atkins front lawn ---->


*Shoots outside of the Northland (MO River and I-435) are subject to a travel fee.

The Nelson lawn is a GREAT place for unique portraits that will incorporate our fabulous city's charming personality!



I'm having a baby soon, tell me your process with newborn photos?

Newborn photos are such fun! I do not have a studio space, or many props. If you're not comfortable with an outdoor shoot (or the season doesn't permit it) I  will come to you if you have a room that has good natural light, or you can come to my home. 

Simple is my mantra. It's a major fad to prop baby up in all kinds of different poses, many of them unnatural to a newborn. This is NOT something I do. I don't recommend any pose that baby cannot do without assistance.  I focus on getting the natural mannerisims of your newborn, because those are so fleeting. Sleeping, crying, sneezing, yawning, gazing. I love fingers, toes and little noses. 










Can I order prints from you?

Absolutely! I offer a full service print concierge and my print prices are the BEST in town.  Tons of sizes and paper types to choose from, and super fast shipping. You don’t have to do any work, just send me your order and the lab ships to you! I use a top of the line lab and guarantee excellent quality of prints when ordered thru me. 


I also offer many other items such as photo greetings, canvas, albums and personalized photo gifts! 








I want some studio style family portraits.

I don't have a studio, by choice. I simply don’t like shooting portraits indoors. Please plan for an outdoor setting if you'd like to book a portrait session. Indoor weddings, newborn and headshots (by request) are the exception.





I would like props in my photos.

I don't have many props, as I don't need them often.  I do have a vintage wagon I love using and a few little items for newborn shoots. My clients have supplied their own props in the past, you're welcome to do the same. 






Do you offer videography?

Nope, sorry!


Beard J&M-364Beard J&M-364


Do you offer photobooth options?

No.  I do have an excellent referral tho!




Will you shoot boudoir/nudes?




I understand and appreciate that there is a popular niche for this speciality. There are ample artists to choose from, I'm not one of them. I practice a CHRISTIAN business and focus on family friendly services.  I’m a total drama nerd tho so if you want a fashion pinup or themed photo session, let me know!




I’m a model and I need a test shoot.

Great! Have your talent agent contact me to set up a shoot for you!


(Commercial modeling only, no adult stuff, remember?)




I’m a professional and I need a headshot.

Great! Contact me and lets set something up!




Can we hire you for a team photo?

YES! I LOVE shooting sports and group photos. I’ve done group work for KU Med and Park Hill.  Please contact me for info!


Smiling 8x10Smiling 8x10


Would you do pet photos?

I sincerely love animals and have encountered them many times on shoots and even in weddings! Well socialized pets are welcome on any shoot or for their own session, simply book a portrait package!


Sidney  Jake 2014-046Sidney Jake 2014-046


Are you available to take photos of Real Estate or other properties?

Look no further! I LOVE photographing properties!  Also, if you have a small business and would like photos for your website or stock photos of products, I’m your gal!


7414 Noland-0017414 Noland-001

Do you offer Gift Cards or Specials?

Yes! Gift cards may be purchased for any amount or package! I always run specials and have that information on my Specials page. If you proudly serve our Country as a member of the Military, Public Safety or Clergy, as a thank you for your service, I offer one FREE Basic shoot and then a special discounted rate for every session you book.



How/when do I use my Gift Card/Credit/Special Offer?

First, take note of the expire date.  Please do not wait to contact me right before it expires! It's best to contact me right away if you have a date in mind within the next 3 months or at least 1 month before expiration. Spring and Fall are my most popular and busy times and weekends book faster than weekday's year-round. All other info/rules will be stated on your Gift Card or Special.



Can I hire you for a birthday or other party?

Yes. I do offer an hourly rate for non-wedding events. I’ve done simple birthday parties to corporate events.  Please contact me with the details of your event and we’ll discuss!






We have a funeral, would you photograph it for us?

I’m so very sorry for your loss. I regret to say I am not comfortable photographing funerals. 

Hanna Bowman-420Hanna Bowman-420




I need an old photo fixed, can you do this?


Thru my years working with photo editing, I've learned a lot about fixing images. I've done simple touching up to removing/adding subjects to portraits.  I'd love to have a look at your photo and evaluate what I might be able to do for you! Contact me for info!




What if I’m not happy with my photos?

I pride myself on client satisfaction.  I encourage my clients to be involved in creating their portrait sessions, ensuring they get what they want for their investment. I don't mind assisting and directing as needed, but YOU are the boss. I offer a satisfaction guarantee, which, in 10 years of working, I've never had to implement.




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